Thursday, October 7, 2010


It has been raining most of the time here in Bangkok. While there is strong sunlight in the morning we can usually tell that it will be raining cats and dogs in the late afternoon or early evening. Apparently all of us working in the office hate evening rain since there will be bad traffic jam following that slows down our traveling home. No matter what transport one takes, or worse if he drives a car, a traffic jam in Bangkok is a total disaster.

While we have spent most part of the day at work, we can't help but miss home and expect to arrive there as fast as possible. Obviously this is not possible in times of heavy rain as cars slow down and traffic is unavoidably congested. I am sure there are times when those who are caught in the traffic jam think about imaginary fly-over streets where cars can be lifted up to take the magical pathway that will lead them to where they are heading to. More like a comforting thought in the midst of frustration.

On the other hand, rain brings cool weather that is nice. The sound of raindrops is soothing and relaxing. That reminds me - or maybe most of you readers, of how fun it was playing in the rain when we were children. Adults just don't do much of that anymore..


Rain always has that magic that somehow uplifts our mood and quickly brings a smile. Unless if we have an important meeting to attend and we are late, or say, friends call to cancel dinner or movie.

While tonight it is not raining and the sky is clear. Simply have the urge to rush back home. But just before that, let me send some of the pictures that I have been intending to post for sometime now. Hope you enjoy them and have a great evening, raining or not raining...


  1. Just lovely, it rained here in San Diego a few days ago - since it never rains I MAD my 2 year old jump in the puddles.

    Lovely shots.

  2. Lovely shots and gorgeously warm colors!