Sunday, October 31, 2010


It is heart warming to see the donation pools being set up all over the city. Seems like every one in this country is directly involved in helping out the victims of flood that has been terrorizing many provinces in Thailands. In time like this, any form of help is meaningful. Some choose to be at the spot helping out with food preparation and transport, some are involved in the medication and treatment, while others are contributing materials, either food, clean drinking water, medicine, or money.

The management office of our apartment has arranged to collect donations from the residents here. Recommended donation items are clothes, medicine, rice, and canned food. T just reminded me to accumulate our old clothes to give away for this good cause. Rice and canned food are also in our donation list.

Experiencing all this in our neighborhood just raised a question why my office has not shown any interest in extending any help at all. Nothing has been initiated so far… is it because everyone is just too busy and carried away with their duties and projects?

While rain is still pouring all over in various places around the country and there is no sign that it is going to stop any sooner, all we can hope is that more people are moved to help.


  1. How sad that so many are struggling. Bless you for trying to make a difference.

  2. The purple addition is just so pleasing to the eyes

  3. Such beautiful images...bright and soft at the same time. God bless you in your humanitarian efforts. Hope things are improving!