Monday, August 30, 2010


A graphic designer who found his passion of baking along the intriguing journey that involved Sydney, Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok.

While reminiscing his first sweet encounter with the world of baking through a Lemon Meringue Pie recipe in a landlord's kitchen, he has since accepted cakes and dessert as the essential part of his life.

And in turn, various baking courses have introduced him to the meaning of delicacy, quality, aesthetics, and supreme taste.

The constant effort to capture the look of his cakes and desserts stretched his arms wide open to embrace blogging, food styling, and photography. All were seemingly coherent with his years of graphic design practice.

Only when his creations appeared in a dessert magazine and several food photo contests this year, he was determined to explore this exciting path of blending baking, food styling, and photography.

Currently residing in Bangkok, he hopes to interact and make friends with everyone with the same interest, worldwide...

To share ideas or comments, feel free to email Kris

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