Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you have noticed, I have never used raspberries or cranberries in any of my baking and dessert. I could drool over their beautiful look in the magazines but their pricing never failed to make me switch to something else. In fact, raspberries and cranberries are considered the most expensive imported fruits in Thailand. Luckily from the presentation point of view, they are replaceable by strawberries which are priced half or one third.

While locally grown in the Northern part of Thailand, Thai strawberries are not in the same quality as the imported ones, either in size, appearance and price. That is the reason why imported strawberries are made available in most of the supermarkets and somehow affordable for almost everyone from all walks of life. On the other hand, raspberries and cranberries are only sold in the high class supermarkets.

Thai strawberries are in the market only at a very limited period of time – normally at the end of the year. I used to feel so happy during those months because I could line up many recipes that involve strawberries and bake to my utmost joy. But unfortunately, my enthusiasm towards local strawberry had gradually diminish over the years as I couldn’t help but notice that regardless its external look was very closed to the imported strawberry, its internal look quickly put me off. Once sliced, local strawberry showed plain red flesh without the tint of white or pinkish shades. This was just not appealing to the eyes when served on the plates or photographed.

Since then I had switched to imported strawberries. And as time went by, I had encountered different kinds of strawberries. Those from USA are big and the most beautiful of all, Australian ones have longish shape which are unique, and Korean ones are cutest due to their tiny and closed to perfect heart shape (displayed in these pictures).

Do feel free to share with me the look of your local strawberries and the kind of strawberry that is your favorite.


  1. The photo of your strawberries is so bright and cheery! I sure do love the little heart shaped strawberry at the bottom of the photo:) My favorites are the big, deep red, sweet versions that grow right here. We have fields and fields of locally grown strawberries(many varieties)which are sold at stands at the edge of the fields:) We even hold a Strawberry Festival each year.

  2. Lovely photos, please come and check San Diego Strawberries out :

  3. I lived in Southern California for a while and in the Spring and Summer there were many road side strawberry stands with freshly picked strawberries that were huge, bursting with juice and a beautiful deep red color. Absolutely the best strawberries I've ever had.

  4. I didn't realise that there was such a difference in strawberries from different countries. Raspberries are so expensive here whilst strawberries are quite inexpensive thankfully!