Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Somewhere?

It is September and things are just rolling very fast these days to the extent that within a blink of the eyes, day just turns to another. I wonder, is it time to plan for a year-end holiday?

Checking into the flights online, I got to learn that seats are selling out quickly and as each day passes by, the airfare is just getting more and more expensive. Year-end period that covers both Christmas and New Year holiday is the peakest season when everyobody is suddenly so into getting away and willing to pay no matter how much it takes.

I, in the other hand, feel terribly happy residing in a country like Thailand where there are many options of places to go. That means I don't necessarily have to go overseas just to get away. There are plenty domestic holiday destinations available throughout Thailand that promise fun, beautiful scenery, and good time. And I think back of the places I have been to, I quickly realize there are many places new and waiting for me to explore.

So my destination for this year is most probably a national park on the mountain. Living a city life makes me long for trees, fresh air, and the smell of forest. I can't remember my last mountain trip, seems like years ago. Now that I have figured out where I want to go, it feels right to say that I am looking forward to year-end holiday...

How about you? Are you planning to go somewhere?


  1. Yes, definitely--I'm also taking advantage of the lower rates before the month of October ends, I'm going to the beach!

  2. Keep posting everywhere you go, and share the moment through your beautiful picture, will you :)

  3. Your photography is so gorgeous, nope we are staying at home. Live in beautiful Brisbane Australia half way between the gold coast and Noosa, perfect for summer.

  4. Beautiful photographs. You are right, living n Thailand you will not have to go far to enjoy a wonderful getaway. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kris, such beautiful images once again! Have a wonderful holiday getting away from it all! Soon we are going to go camping in Big Sur up the coast:)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love travelling, it's probably one of the greatest joys in my life! :D