Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Do I Desire To See When I Am Sick?

I was sick the entire last week. It wasn't really a good feeling finding myself resting while part of me want to go out and play. Nothing was more desirable than good health, I kept on stressing that out to myself in the middle of medicated drowsiness and unwanted naps.

In that condition, nothing was really fun at all. Food was basically tasteless, and plain water just turned disgusting. I couldn't bring myself to think about cakes and bakes, they simply disgusted me.

I was browsing my photo folders one cold afternoon thinking I might find something interesting to put up for a new post. Photos that normally appealed to me had to try three times harder to impress my sight and I realized my eyes were craving for a colorful feast. Nothing plain and monotonous could claim any split of attention. And after a long search, I had to stop at these photos. Only these few seemed to electrify me, put my mind in ease.

And for that moment I was so grateful to myself for ever taking photos of these colorful fruits. In time of need, they were here.... projecting hopes of flavor, freshness and.... health. And just like that, I felt good and believed that recovery was just a second away.


  1. :) seems I know you very well, even you are sick, your mind never stop to think for baking. Get well soon Kris, I hope that pretty picture makes you more fresh next :)

  2. Beautiful sites... I am sorry to hear that you was sick. I hope, that is over:)
    This fruit is so tempting, I will take one. Thanks, by-by