Monday, September 13, 2010


There are just abundant of beautiful objects around me. Sometimes I can not decide what to shoot first. Among the long list there are fruits in my fridge, props that I just got recently in the flea market, parfait in my freezer, a couple of vivid color fabrics, flowers that my boyfriend just finished arranging last night, or that luxurious-looking glass vase. Which one should pose for me first?

In my small living room that I quickly converted into a mini studio, there are plenty of props lying around. The tripod is always there at the side of my computer, one big black bucket filled with colorful paper for backdrop is sitting quietly at the corner. Next to it is a whole stack of wooden backdrops - in many different shades and textures. And at the center there I have my table where everything photographic will be happening... and don't forget the white board reflectors.

This living room is full of light in the morning. I am so pleased I had picked this unit from the beginning. The windows are facing the East - for some reasons I always go for the East. And it has never being planned that I would be taking lots of photos here. It just happened I picked the right unit with the correct natural light windows. So thank God!

And there goes the thought that for whatever unit I might want to move to next time, it must have windows that are facing the East.

About the objects I like to shoot.. my preference is always fruits and flowers. Vegetables could be fun too especially the beautiful ones like tomatoes, chilies and paprica. For storage wise, I fancy vegetables that last long like pumpkins. I remember keeping them like weeks and they hardly changed in shape or color. And did I mention eggplants already?

Eggplant's colors and shapes are appealing to me.... Either dark or vivid purple, fresh or pale green, or white. Long, rounded, or even weird shapes. Anything goes..


  1. I just LOVE LOVE the 4th picture - gorgeous shot.

  2. I love how the orange contrasts with the other colors and just POPS! Beautiful, Kris!

  3. O-yes I am here too ;) Love the last picture...its just perfect!

  4. Those vegetables look beautiful Kris! And I can't help but think of the wonderful dishes you can create with them :)